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Escape of water insurance claims - commercial or residential buildings.

Ins Property Services provide repairs for numerous types of water damage including burst pipe repair, frozen pipes, water escape and leak damage. We use the latest leak detection technology to finds leaks without tearing up your home. Following an escape of water from plumbing installations causing home water damage or at a business premises, our priority is to return the affected water damaged property to its pre-incident condition as quickly as possible, minimising secondary damage, efficiently, effectively and with the minimum of disruption for the customer.


With years of experience in Water Damage Restoration, Ins Property Services has a wealth of technical experience and knowledge and is used by many local insurance companies and brokers on their policyholder’s claims. Our water damage repairs service includes:

drying out a house Ongoing drying work at present
  • Complete water damage restoration
  • Water extraction and removal of standing water
  • Buildings & contents drying with industrial dehumidifiers
  • Buildings & contents restoration
  • On-site drying
  • Sanitisation and deodorisation
  • Water damage cleaning and controlled waste disposal
  • A comprehensive leak detection service is supplied to insurers, loss adjusters, builders, plumbers, building facilities, maintenance managers and home-owners to trace the location of water leaks. Such leaks may be visible in a variety of positions within a property but originate from another area that is often hidden within the buildings structure. Following the detection of the source of such leaks, a full water damage remediation programme is also provided to restore both domestic and commercial properties back to their original condition, with minimal disruption to the work or living environment.

Flood damage insurance claims - commercial or residential buildings.

Flood & Water damage can cause substantial damage to your property.


Something that on the surface looks minor can lead to major damage and disturbance for you and your family. It is essential that the correct procedures are executed in a timely manner to ensure the best outcome for you the policyholder.


Damage will be assessed precisely and efficiently, and your insurance claim composed for you. We can manage contact with your insurance company and loss adjusters.


We can arrange specialist services to ensure cleaning and stripping out is completed to aid drying which will avoid further damage.


If alternative accommodation due to the level of repairs is required, we can assist you in finding suitable accommodation and agree this with your insurers for you.

Fire insurance claims - commercial or residential buildings.


Following a fire in your home, you will have to make several critical decisions and each one will have a direct impact on the outcome of your insurance claim. Using our company to advise and guide you can make a difference to the outcome of your claim. Ins property claims team of loss assessors will take over the management of your claim and place you back in control of what is happening to your home and property. They’ll prepare your claim, oversee works to your property, negotiate with your insurance company and ensure you are kept up to date and receive exactly what you are entitled to.


Ins Property Clams Ltd will take over everything, so you can focus on getting your lives back on track.


We will:

  • Arrange suitable alternative accommodation to get you and your family re-housed quickly.
  • Supervise emergency works to protect your home.
  • Uncover the full extent of damage to your property, including smoke, fire and water damage, so nothing remains hidden.
  • Compile your buildings, contents and alternative accommodation claims to ensure you receive everything you’re entitled to.
  • Deal with your insurance company and their loss adjuster, respond to all telephone calls and letters and attend all meetings.
  • Negotiate the type of settlement you want.
  • Help you choose specialist independent surveyors.
  • Oversee the surveyor during the preparation of the scope of works and specification, to ensure your interests are always protected and that nothing is missed out during this process.
  • Give you control over the colour and standard of fixtures and fittings, so that your home returned to its pre-incident condition.


Storm damage insurance claims - commercial or residential buildings.

Both commercial or residential storm damage can be distressing and can cause unseen damage.


A storm is typically defined by insurers as wind speeds over 50-55mph. Insurers do not tend to use local weather reports and be restricted to information from weather stations which can be miles away from the location of the damage whereas we use local weather reports to support your claim.


Ins Property Services will gather all relevant information to support your claim for storm damage. This includes assessing the damage with a view to presenting to the insurers as definitively damaged being caused by storm.


We will then be able to contact your insurance company and handle all correspondence and meetings on your behalf.


If emergency works are required, we can arrange this for you.

Subsidence insurance claims - commercial or residential buildings.

Subsidence and structural damage can include insurance claims in relation to damage caused by ground movement or impact.


Where appropriate we engage structural engineers to comment on the cause and extent of the damage and offer their expert opinion on remedial works required.


If you discover what appears to be structural cracking and subsidence damage to your property, whether this be to a house or other domestic building, a business, a shop, a factory, a warehouse or office, then it is essential that you immediately seek advice.


Ins Property Clams Ltd based in Billericay, Essex are experienced in the handling and management of subsidence insurance claims and can help you with the arrangement of emergency repairs to make the building temporarily safe, if required.


We can arrange for appropriate monitoring of the structural failure and cracks.  We can ultimately assist all our clients by preparing a schedule of the loss and by negotiating settlement with insurers or their loss adjusters on their behalf.


We will also guide you in obtaining appropriate contractors repair estimates to support the subsidence claim.


We cover all parts of the UK and specialise in Essex, Kent, London and Suffolk and all surrounding areas.


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